Researching Issues

Citizens Researching Information and Developing
Perspectives on Issues for themselves
and their Friends & Family
Group of people working together.
Balanced Solutions for Issues
Researching information and developing perspectives on Issues Candidates will face.
The purpose of researching Issues and developing perspectives on them is to be able to understand them well enough to be able to evaluate each Candidate's willingness
to find balanced approaches to those Issues.
Competitiveness and focus on self-interest are good in the short-term, but balanced solutions and common good are essential for our self-interest in the long-term.
Having personal beliefs on Issues is good, but respecting the rights of others to have their beliefs is essential for a successful democracy. Researching Issues with an
open mind allows us to see the information and perspectives as others see them
and therefore see how balanced approaches can work for the common good.
See below for Research Sources Information
and Sample Issues and Research Materials: