About Citizens for Informed Voters

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The purpose of Citizens for Informed Voters is to provide support for
people with the time and interest in researching Candidates and Issues
so they and their Friends & Families can become more Informed Voters.
People with the time would mostly be young adults (ages 20 to 30) and
recently retired individuals (ages 65 to 75), but could include anyone.
If an individual has the interest but not the time, they should encourage
someone locally (family, friend, neighbor) with the time and interest to
do the research and then join that person's Friends & Family Group.
Researching Candidates
Researching Issues
Informed Citizens Commission
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The Informed Citizens Commission would require all Candidates to provide information that voters are now researching for themselves and can't find.

The Informed Citizens Commission would be an independent agency and
also research Issues and propose Guidelines on those Issues.

If Citizens for Informed Voters help leaders get elected instead of politicians,
getting the Informed Citizens Commission enacted would be more likely.
See Informed Citizens Commission for more information.