Sample Issues and Research Materials
The following sample issues are possible starting points for use in researching issues and developing perspectives on potential approaches to them.

People will develop their own information and perspectives on these sample
issues, as well as their own list of issues and potential approaches to them.

Having an open mind and respect for others perspectives is
important in finding solutions that will work for everyone.
Sample Issues
Click on the following Sample Issues for Research Materials
for Consideration in Developing Perspectives on that Sample Issue
Employees don't have adequate or accurate information
about businesses for a successful economy
Economic Goals Benefit Capital Markets
Economic goals set by government leaders provide greater
benefit to the top 10% of people than the remaining 90%
Low Trust in Government
Voters don't have adequate or accurate Information on
candidates and issues for a successful democracy
Election & Legislative Rules Benefit Politicians
Election and legislative rules have been designed by
government leaders for their own political benefit
Misuse of Social Issues
Politicians misuse information and perspectives on
social issues for political benefit for themselves
Note: The purpose of Citizens for Informed Voters is to provide resources to assist citizens in researching information and developing perspectives on Candidates and Issues for themselves. Please feel free to ignore some or all of the above Sample Issues, Research Materials and/or Potential Approaches and pursue your own.